seo for all

It’s no secret that I love SEO. I am passionate about it, I am always learning about it.

A disturbing yet long standing trend is that SEO Companies will always make the move to get everyone that calls them signed up for SEO services.

I am here today to share that this approach is not only self serving, but irresponsible.

SEO should be used as a strategy in instances where it can be effective and generate business. Even still, SEO should be performed in conjunction with other traffic generating activities.

I make these two statements with two very specific things in mind.

  1. Not all services are searched for in mass that would make the effort profitable. For instance, a B2B service provider may not want to consider an “all in” SEO approach because there needs to be other pieces to the decision making process done first. Or, if you manufacture clothing and you are a brand, SEO may not be effective because your options are to target your brand (which may not be known) or to target a term like “tee shirts” (which frankly, can’t be won).
  2. SEO takes time. It’s extremely Cliche, but SEO is marathon, not a sprint. You cannot expect immediate results, which is why an “SEO Only” approach right off the bat is irresponsible. There needs to be efforts that will generate traffic and leads for the short term while SEO Traction is building.

This is not to say to only go “half throttle” on SEO, not by a long shot. The key is ROI. The idea is to make sure that when you are investing your marketing dollars, you need to ensure that you are getting the almighty return.

That is why SJS Digital offers all inclusive Digital Marketing Strategies. We don’t solely focus on SEO, Social Media, or Web Design. We put together a plan that is tailored to your business that is designed to get your phone ringing!

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