If you noticed a recent drop in search engine traffic, your website may have been effected by one of the recent and many updates that Google has released. If you hired an SEO agency in the past, it is possible that your website could be blocked from Google’s rankings because of a link penalty or a content penalty. A specialty of ours is our Google Penalty Removal Service.

We deeply analyze your website, and find out the root of your problem, and develop a custom strategy to get your website back in Google’s good graces.

How our Google Penalty Removal Service Works

Google Penalty removal service

1. First, we analyze your website. This includes a full audit of your websites inbound links, and the originality of it’s content. After our reports are done, we¬† determine what about your website needs to change.

2. If we believe it is a link penalty, we begin the process of contacting webmasters that are sending “spammy” links to your website and request they be removed. Once we have contacted the site owners a minimum of three times, we monitor how many of the links were or were not removed. If necessary, we use the Google Disavow tool and file a re-inclusion request.

3. Regardless of if your penalty is caused by links or content, we re-write the pages on your site as a show of good faith to Google to show you as a business owner are willing to make drastic changes to your website to provide a better end user experience.

Of course, the goal of hiring someone for Google Penalty Removal Service is to get your website ready for traditional SEO Services, which is our bread and butter. Remember, recovering from a Google Penalty is not easy, but our track record of success speaks for itself.

You can contact us today and schedule your consultation for Google Penalty Removal Service. We can either meet via video conference, or if you prefer to meet in person and are located in the Philadelphia or South New Jersey, that can be arranged as well.