A couple months back, I wrote a post about some free or almost free WordPress plugins that can help generate leads.

This post is a follow up to that insight, and I will share with you the process of taking those leads and turning them into sales.

Step 1 is changing your mindset. This isn’t the phone book. With the phone book, someone looks up your service, picks up the phone, and calls you when things are going wrong. It is a much more “closer to the sale” type of situation.

Not everyone that lands on your site may be that close to making the purchase.

So, What do you do about it?

One example may be if you were a plumber and people are finding you because they are looking for information on repairing a problem themselves. You may have a blog post that covers some quick DIY repairs that may not even be worth your time. However, couldn’t it be the case that these slightly leaky pipes could be indicators of much more severe problems?

Bringing this scenario full circle… Someone lands on your site to learn about a quick leaky pipe repair. As covered in the older post, you simply give the person the opportunity to enter their email address. You now have someone in your file that has potential plumbing issues. Using Mailchimp or another email service, you can now email this database of people with small plumbing problems monthly. This way, you consistently build your brand in their mind. That way, when the pipe finally gives way, you will now be top of mind and they call you for that big job.

Of course, adjust this scenario to your specific industry. Whether you own a coffee shop, car dealership, or HVAC Company, you can apply this situation and get more customers.

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