Geofencing Ads Agency

Local Advertising and Marketing is the winning strategy for many small businesses. From Google My Business Optimization to Localized Facebook Ads, customers want to know that who they are looking to patronize is in their neighborhood. Geofencing Ads allow business owners to target based on where they have physically visited.

This is incredibly beneficial because we are able to make more informed decisions about our marketing and advertising. When we can target potential customers based on where they’ve physically visited, we know a lot about that potential customer.

How Geofencing Ads Work

Geofencing Ads work by using the Mobile Ad ID of your potential customer. When someone uses their cell phone in a specific location that you define (a “geofence”), this activates their Ad ID, and we are able to anonymously learn more about this potential customer.

Think of it this way. If you own a restaurant, you’re able to put an ad in front of people who work in specific office parks. As your message is seen by these potential customers multiple times, you’re more likely to get some traction from that potential customer.

A Geofencing Ads Case Study

Geofencing has played a major role in the success of a desserts company looking to grow in Texas. A secret to success in advertising is to help your customers by only asking them to make one decision. Our campaign was designed to ask folks in a town in Texas to go to the store and buy this product. Since asking customers to go to a new store then buy the product would be asking too much, we created an ad that only targets customers who are already shopping at a specific chain of stores. This way, we already know they are regularly going to those specific stores that the product is available, so beyond that, the sale of the product is all we’re looking for.

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