I have been in love with WordPress for a number of years. The ease of use, the robustness of the plugins, and the fact that it created a “CMS for all.”

There are a lot of themes and plugins that make things complex, which is not what I’ll be talking about today.

The plugins I will be talking about today are easy to roll out, use, and start profiting from.

Here they are, my favorite plugins for Lead Generation:

  1. Contact Form 7. Super easy to use and rarely fails. Even if it does, the WordPress community has stood steadfast behind this plugin and kept it updated. There are a bunch of add ons that can further enhance the Contact Form 7 experience. Databases, SMTP Plugins, and more.
  2. Mailchimp/Mailmunch. Again, very easy and robust right out of the box. You get nice designs for very effective pop-up moduls and can even segregate signups based on a pop-up or sidebar form.
  3. Landing Page Designers. OK, so this isn’t a specific plugin, but more or less a concept. I am personally constantly testing different options and hope to have a more conclusive recommendations soon. Anyway, the concept is simple: Simply test your layout to see what gets the best response. Very powerful.
  4. Yoast SEO. This tool is incredible for traffic generation. It looks at a number of ranking factors and grades the content you are inputting.

Lead Generation is crucial in managing your website. I have stated many times that the days of an Online Brochure are long gone. The technology exists and is most of the time open source, so implementation is easy.

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